• Narcissistic Abuse can best be described as the psychological damage and aftermath one suffers when they have experienced a prolonged period of time with a person who has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. In the modern world, these soulless, superficial, pride filled monsters are all around us and the devastation they can cause through their covert bullying and smear campaigns can be life and soul destroying.

    10 Steps To Heal From Narcissistic Abuse reveals the changes i made to my life after a lifelong struggle with several narcissists in my life. I eventually made key changes to regain control and gain the confidence and self esteem i needed to proceed with my life.

    Narcissists are soul destroying beings who leave your life in tatters. Although it may not seem it, there is always a way back. I'm confident 10 Steps To Heal From Narcissistic Abuse will give you the tools you need to gain your life back and rise above the hate of a narcissist. You are destined for greater things and this book is aimed to help you reach that next stage in your life.

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  • The Devil in I

    Damon West is a twenty-eight-year old living in New York City. His life appears to be perfect. He has a loving girlfriend, good friends, lots of money and a job on Wall Street, everything a young man could ask for.

    However, Damon has a secret. Damon is the Devil.

    For centuries, Damon has roamed the Earth enjoying everything the human world has to offer. Sex, entertainment, travel, new discoveries and more sex. Damon's life appears to be perfect but takes an unexpected turn when he meets a co-worker, Latasha Holmes.

    Damon is suddenly submerged in a spiralling obsession with Latasha that he can’t control. She plays him for the fool. For all his charms, Damon is unable to deal with those emotions. Is it love, or is it obsession?

    Whilst Damon’s world starts to spiral out of control, we start to question who Latasha Holmes really is. Is she aware of her actions? Was this all part of a higher plan? Has she been conspiring with the suspicious new boss, Jason Godfrey?

    In The Devil in I, Damon faces the ultimate battle to hold on to everything he has: his job, his reputation, his girlfriend, and his life.

    The Devil in I is part American Psycho and part Dantes Inferno. This fast paced, sexy, violent and modern day thriller is the ultimate story of Good vs Evil and unrequited love. Based in New York City, The Devil in I is not for the faint hearted.

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  • Behind The Mask

    Behind The Mask: An Introduction Into Covert Narcissism is a guide to the extremely damaging personality disorder, Covert Narcissism.

    All of the key character traits are discussed; their jealousy, their manipulation, their insecurity, their rage. This eBook looks at areas such as Gaslighting, Triangulation and Flying Monkies and gives you the tools to help you dissect and discover covert narcissism and covert narcissists.

    Behind The Mask is intended to help you find answers and to help you understand this topic. The chapters are broken down into topics such as ‘How to Spot a Covert Narcissist’, ‘Coping with Narcissistic Abuse’, ‘Loving a Narcissistic’, ‘Are you a Narcissistic?’, ‘Narcissistic Rage’ and much much more.

    Behind The Mask: An Introduction Into Covert Narcissism is a one stop guide to this incredibly complex topic. The goal of this eBook is to inform the mainstream of this extremely damaging and toxic personality trait that leaves lives, families and people in tatters.

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