• Dec 08 2017

    Welcome to my new website

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  • Nov 29 2017

    Welcome to my new website, i will be adding news on here and various information. I hope you like it! Stay in touch, contact me at aydin@revenantdead.com

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  • New Site Launch

    Welcome to my new website!

    It's been a long time coming and im really excited to showcase my new website for you! I'll be putting up various articles, videos and blogs that i do and im... Read More

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Aydin Guner


Aydin Guner has emerged onto the Litery scene with his hit new book The Devil In I. This Amazon Top 100 Best Seller has been described as "An Astonishingly Brilliant Read" and "The Modern Day American Psycho" and is currently rated 5 Star on Amazon. Aydin is also making his screen writing debut, adapting The Devil In I into a feature film.

Aydin also takes an active interest in raising awareness about the dangers of Covert Narcissism and is an avid vlogger on the issue. Aydin's e-Book Behind The Mask: An Introduction Into Covert Narcissism is one of the leading materials on the topic of Covert Narcissism and is written in a way an easy to read "pick up with a coffee" style.

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The Devil in I

Behind The Mask